Etac Beauty Kit

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The Bathroom Body Beauty Kit contains a range of body care products that have a balance to provide maximum power with a reduced strain and effort on the arms, hands, and shoulders. The products in this kit are lightweight and are ergonomically designed. They include beauty comb, beauty body washer, and multipurpose grip.


The beauty washer in the kit is designed to enable one to wash the entire body from head to toes. It is essential for its ability to reach and secure a grip eliminating any possible strain on the back, hands, and shoulders of the user. It has a replaceable washcloth. This washcloth cleans the body without having to absorb any water making it easy to use.

The washcloth can be machine washed at 140o C. The beauty comb provides maximum power with less strain and effort because it is well balanced. The multipurpose grip allows the individuals to hold items like nail file and toothbrush securely in his hand.


Bathroom body kit is lightweight and ergonomically designed. It has a comb that is 11.80 inches long designed to enable the individual reach the entire head perfectly. The multipurpose grip has a unique shape that gives the user a more secure but relaxed grip. The shape makes shaving and manicures easy.