Bed Blanket Support Cradle

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The Bed blanket support cradle is height adjustable bed cradle designed to remove weight and pressure on a patients lower limbs that is caused by bedding which can reduce mobility and encourage development of pressure wounds. They create a free space between the end of the bed and between the covers and the mattress. The cradle holds the bedclothes away from the body from ventilation and pressure relief.


The bed-blanket support cradle is a lightweight steel frame that is coated with white powder. It has 10 different adjustments to suit the needs of the user. The lower side of the frame is 56 cm and it slides under the mattress from the side of the bed.

The upper side, which is 70 cm extends horizontally above the legs to take the weight of the bedding. This cradle helps the patient avoid formation of pressure ulcers on the heels and calves.


The cradle has adjustments of the height ranging from 45 to 68 cm. They have a weight of 2.6 kg. The cradle’s Wight is of about 35 cm. Bed and blanket support cradle is suitable for individuals of up to 120 kg. The cradle has a 1-year warranty from the manufacturers.