Bedside Showers

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The bedside shower can be moved easily and it can be suspended either on an intravenous stand pole or a bedpost. This is incredible for a ten liter bedside shower! It assists patients who are immobile when they want to wash essential body areas using warm water by their beds.


It is made of long-lasting, mildew-resistant vinyl to guarantee hygienic usage for the patient, as well as the product’s durability. There is a handle on the uppermost part of the water pouch for filling, transferring, and suspending it with ease. This design allows it to be suspended on an appropriate fixture.

It is advisable that you attach the bedside shower using a nylon cord or other tender material to safeguard and extend its life.

The bedside shower has a spout that is designed to stop splashes and spills, hence it is easy to fill. It also makes a water tight seal once it is closed. The bedside shower has a structure with a flexible hose, with a small shower head at the bottom to direct temperate running of water. There is a tap-like device at the end of the hose to allow for control of water flow.


The hose is flexible and has a capacity of 10l that you should fill with warm water. It also comes with a vinyl plastic and a showerhead that has an on-off switch.

They are relatively light, weighing only 1kg when empty with a built-in handle. Most importantly, it is heavy-duty and mildew resistant.