Denture Bath

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Denture bath a great way of cleaning, soaking and storing dentures. It gives the user a convenient way to clean and a hygienic place for storage all in one neat solution. The denture bath container is made of a durable plastic, which can hold a full set of your dentures. The closed container ensures that your dentures are in a clean environment free from dust, insects, and contaminants.


Denture baths have a lift-out-drain cup. This lift-out-cup makes it easier for the individual to soak and remove your dentures in the denture cleaning liquid. Denture baths have a unique snap lock cap that provides a tight seal. The tight seal keeps away any sort of contamination. The inner denture basket suspends the dentures in a cleaning solution. This allows free circulation of cleaning solution within the denture box. Free circulation within the denture box prevents unhygienic stagnation, which can cause build-up of bacteria.

How to Use

For appropriate use; simply open the denture bath and remove the strainer. Fill the denture bath with water before adding the denture-cleansing tablet. You may proceed to place the strainer back into the container before replacing your dentures onto it. Leave the dentures to soak for a sometime. Finally, remove the dentures with the strainer, pour away the denture cleansing solution, and finally, rinse the dentures thoroughly before use.