Etac Tasty Beaker

Australia Wide Delivery

The sippy cup with handle and spout is lightweight and easy to use. It is essential for patients with limited grip or shaky hands. The beaker offers individuals with little strength in their arms an opportunity to feed by themselves. Depending completely on nurses for the smallest duties is frustrating and the beaker comes to save this situation.


The beaker has an ergonomic design that makes it most efficient compared to regular large cups. The ergonomic handles and grips make it easy to use the beaker especially for people with weak grips due to loss of strength.

The model also comes with a large base that helps reduce spilling.


This design features a well-insulated exterior to keep the contents at the intended temperature. The insulation also protects the beverage from the environmental  conditions and the elements.

Most importantly, it is easy to use and drink without spilling the contents and messing the place.

Apart from insulation, other features include a large base, dishwasher safety, and lightweight. The combination of these features help to reduce spills, keep the beverage at intended temperature and make it easy for patients to handle it.