Handy Bar – Car Standing Aid

Australia Wide Delivery

The handy bar is a critical tool that promotes safety and mobility for individuals who have mobility challenges. This tool protects patients against falls and enables the individual to stand and sit easily. The handy bar is designed for assisted living facilities and therapeutic environment for those with mobility impairment. 


The model unfolds and fits into the door latch. This feature allows the user to a balance of all his or her weight in it. It also helps in shifting the center of gravity for getting out of the vehicle and pushing themselves out of the car with ease. The handy bar has a built in window breaker and seatbelt cutter. It is ideal addition to the tool kits as a safety tool during emergency.


The handy bar has a universal design that provides a secure fit into the passengers or driver side of the door latch. It does not require any vehicle modification. It has a no-slip ergonomic grip that fits parallel to the car for a comfortable grip and ensures optimal advantage.

A 3- in-1 automotive mobility tool, the handy bar helps those individuals with limited mobility to alight safely from vehicles. It has a weight of about 1 kilogram. The dimensions include 10 x10 x 10 cm.