Light Angled Spoon by Etac

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The Angled Spoon by Etac

The angled spoon by Etac is mainly used to help the elderly, children, and individuals who have a mobility challenge. The angled spoon helps them achieve independent eating. These angled spoons by Etac can be ideal adaptive tools for children who require more help with motor coordination as well as eating independently. They are made in such a way that they can prevent spillages and provision of easy grip.


This model features an exceptional attractive handle that is oval shaped and is slightly curved. It has a support edge that prevents the hand from sliding. It has a very comfortable strap that helps keep the spoon in place. This feature is very helpful for children who have trouble with griping items. This spoon allows easily cleaning and can be machine washed. It comes in several cool easily matching colors.


The angled spoon is made of rubbery plastic that protects fragile teeth and gums from injuries such as bumps and others. This spoon is dishwasher safe. This exceptional spoon is available for both the right and left handed individuals. It is suitable in a home setting as well as care homes and hospital facilities.