Medi Supplies Laundry Wash Bags Set of 6

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The wash bags are a protective covering for clothes including compression stockings and underwear. Pulling and rubbing in washer or dryer is bound to destroy quality of clothes, depending on the type of fabric. Choosing the type of fabric to hand wash and another one for machine wash can be tedious; these wash bags allow caregivers in a hospital and home care to protect delicate fabric. Sweaters, lingerie, bras, baby clothes, knits, and all nature of compression garments can fit in the bags before dry cleaning. The main purpose of the wash bags is extending lifespan.


Brown color is ideal for this laundry protective tool. Clothing for patients need regular cleaning and rotation because of possible contamination of drugs and fluid that can cause more harm to an individual. Constantly washing clothes often compromise on the quality of fabric. The wash bags are fastened with a zip to prevent direct rubbing while rotating in a washer or dryer. While the fabric is tough to protect, it allows detergents flow for effective cleaning.


The wash bags are available in various sizes to suit different clothing needs. Moreover, the fabric is flexible; it can fold and stretch to given limits.