Etac Mug with Spout

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The mug with spout by Etac is specifically designed for convenience while drinking. As the name suggests, it has a spout that help in preventing spillages. The mug with spout is a product made by Etac.


The mug has a transparent body, which makes it easy for someone to see what he is taking. This product is made from polycarbonate, which is 10 times impact resistant compared to plastics and other materials like glass.

The mug with a spout has two markers, which include a 50ml and 100ml, the markers makes it easier for the user to have a quantity that they desire.

This Etac product has a height of 70mm and a weight of 40 grams, this weight is manageable especially to children and the elderly indivudals. The mug is designed to be a user-friendly kitchenware product. It is dishwasher safe.


This design of mug with spout by Etac is constructed to help the disabled individuals, small children and the elderly weak individuals. The mug with spout enables the user to drink up without having them tilt their head. It has a rounded surface that is ergonomic for an easy grip. It is mainly used in clinical setup to promote user independence.