Rubber Bottle Opener

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Rubber bottle openers is designed to give a solid grip on different kinds of items such as medicine bottles, bottle tops, and even small door knobs. Rubber bottle openers are ideal devices for people suffering from arthritis and other individuals with limited hand mobility.


They are made of flexible yet durable rubber. It is a lightweight bottle opener made of ridged interior. This interior ensures there is a secure grip even on the smoothest of surfaces. To use the rubber bottle opener, one should just slide opener over the small knob or bottle top and slowly turn to open. Once you done using the rubber bottle opener, it should be rinsed with warm water and make sure it is completely dry before the next use. The rubber bottle openers are light and one should not use too much power as it strains the hand and the palm.


Rubber bottle openers are specially made for bottles and knobs that have a diameter of up to 35 mm. the rubber bottle opener can be used in any setup like homes. The rubber bottle openers come in three individual shapes. The teal square and green round flat grip for large jars and red cone shaped ribbed grip for smaller bottles and jars.