Rubber Jar Opener

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The rubber jar opener is the best solution to stubborn openers. Weakly patients with limited strength have major challenges with opening tight jars. This product helps a patient to do the simple chores by themselves.


The model is a handy opener that adds extra grip to your hand as you open. The design is specifically made to tighten the grip onto stubborn slippery or extra tight bottles. It has textured ridges on the inside to hold the side of the lid firmly and on the exterior to allow a firm grip onto the bottle top.

This product is also attractive and comes with various colors that can easily match most bottles. The colors are cool and popular among most users.

How to Use

All you need to do is apply the rubber cone over the stubborn opener. You can just simply grip and twist to open. The right usage will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the easy-to-use flexible opener.


The flexible jar opener features textured ridges both on the insider and exterior to enhance the users’ grip. The ridges are designed to catch the lid firmly vertically while the exterior ones give the user enough friction to open it.