Silicone Ear Plugs – 3 Pair

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Noise is not only unpleasant but also risky to human health. The body is sensitive to excess vibration, which is likely to destroy eardrum and ability to distinguish sounds. Many people are exposed to these sound effects on a daily basis because of ignorance. Daily schedules through streets with high volume music and manufacturing rooms expose the eardrum to damage from excess noise. While high volume intensity when listening to music can be dismissed as individual preference, there is more to it with regards to health. 

The health hazard with relation to noise confirms the relevance of silicone earplugs


Obviously, there are multiple products in this category but this is unique. It comes in a pack of 3 pairs, which are easily fitted on the ear. The plugs are fitted with a soft interior lining for comfort of a user. The 6 pieces guarantee extended service time until recovery. The secret to efficiency of the silicone plugs is consistent use; the ears will respond with time and regain normalcy.


The silicone plugs have a tough covering for durability. The cushioning inside ensures comfortable experience for users. They are also available in different colors.