Tasty Glass Etac

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The tasty glass by Etac is a stable drinking glass that is used in medical setting for individuals with medical issues and or other health needs. The tasty glass is made of lightweight glass that has a wide base with pronounced lip against which the hand can rest.


This tasty stable glassis made of polycarbonate material, which gives it impact resistant. The glass is lightweight and has a pronounced lip against which the hand can rest. The lightweight feature of the tasty glass makes it easier for use to people with limited strength.

This design of the stable and tasty glass is dishwasher safe. It is easy to use as the user just puts the index finger and thumb around the shaft and the bowl of the glass will rest against the hand. The glass has a thick neck that helps increase the stability and strength. The glass has a wide lip.


The Etac stable and tasty glass has a thick neck, which increases strength and stability. The product has an ergonomic design that optimizes the overall well-being of people. A wine glass inspired the design for the manufacturer. It weigs only 75 grams.