Toilet and Bathroom Orientation Signage

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Toilet and Bathroom Orientation Signage

Medical and clinical settings should have a toilet and bathroom orientation signage. This promotes the safety and health of both staff and residents. These signage boards assists to orientate people to their respective bathrooms and toilets.

When medical facilities use these signage boards in their restrooms, it helps the people to easily locate toilets and therefore avoid accidents such as, getting into the wrong facilities.  The language used on these signage stickers must be obvious, concise and clear. This will help everyone to interpret what they mean quickly and locate where they need to go. For example; the bathroom and toilet, shower room, and doors to the wet area.


The signage includes visual cues like words and images together that communicate in a language that is loud and obvious. Every signage has a different color code because they are used in various areas. This is especially vital for the cognitively impaired or the disabled.

Color and imagery is recognized to assist with understanding and brain stimulation.


The Toilet and bathroom orientation signage comes as foam boards or as stickers. It is available as a sticker kit (for bathroom and toilet combined) or individually for homes, offices, hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities.

They are easy to adhere to doors, or mount over the top of doors. The toilet and bathroom orientation signage guarantees safe orientation for residents and loved ones in all wet areas.