Universal Tap Turner

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Universal Tap Turner

The Universal Tap Turner is designed to make daily, small tasks much easier and simple. This day-to-day tasks include opening or locking doors, turning the tap on or off, switching on the washing machine, dishwasher or the cooker. The universal tap turner features a comfortable handle that enables the user to grip with the two hands.


The universal tap tuner has a rounded shaped head, which provided a good griping surface. A multipurpose turning device the universal tap tuner can be used to turn several different kinds of small items.

It has a soft strap attached to the handle, which makes it easy for the individual to hang around the wrist or for a safer storage area in the house. It has a handle that is loop and L-shaped, which allows the users with extremity disability to turn most of the devices in their homes easily.


This model is a lightweight device, which is easy to use. With the soft straps attached to the handle, the user is able to have a better and easier storage freedom. It has flexible prongs that are available to conform to door handles and other appliances knobs. The universal tap tuners have hexagonal pegs that give a good grip.