Wheelchair Water Bottle Holder

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Wheelchair Water Bottle Holder

Wheelchair water bottle holders are designed to securely hold and for easy removal of the water bottle. They can be attached to the chair, clutches or walker.


Wheelchair water bottle holders have a rubber grommet that makes it possible to remove and hold the bottle without it getting scratches. These water bottle holders have a Velcro tightening strap that is adjustable. They have a strong but light clamp, which is made of high quality plastic. The toughness of the clamp does not break under any circumstance.

The holders can rotate up to 360 degrees. These water bottle holders have a quick release style of the clamp holder that makes it easy to reposition or remove depending on what you want. The clamps are solid. This feature makes it stable when moving as they do not move around as well. The water bottle holder does not need any tools to install, which makes it easy to be installed even by small kids.


The wheelchair water bottle holders have the following dimensions: L8.5 cm X W14 cm X H15 cm. These holders have a rotation of 360 degrees. Water bottle holders can fit to any wheelchair, walker or scooters.