14cm Stainless Steel Forceps Crile Straight

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Crile Straight Forceps are commonly used for clamping blood vessels or tissues before cauterization or ligation. They can also be used when dissecting soft tissues that are not deeper than 6 to 8 inches or in laparotomy procedures.


Crile straight forceps have a lightweight modification that helps the surgeon to have greater control and provides less fatigue during use. These forceps have horizontal serrations. The horizontal serration run through the entire length of the jaw and has jaws half the length of the shank making the forceps unique. They have an average length of about 5 and half inch. The forceps are stainless steel. The Crile straight forceps have a length of 14 cm including an approximated 3cm straight jaw.


Crile straight forceps are hemostatic forceps. They have a unique style that is horizontal, interlocking serrated grooves. These forceps have a straight curvature. They have finger rings handles that look like scissors. The ring handles make it easy for manipulation when used in hands that have gloves. Users can enjoy free compression and vary the amount of pressure with the ratchet lock locking clamp Crile straight forceps is made of stainless stain material, which makes it easy for sterilization after use. They are reusable. Crile straight forceps have a serrated working surface style.