Bandage Scissors

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Bandage scissors are essential in a clinical setting. The scissors are designed with stainless steel for hygiene and durability. Bandage removal requires precision to avoid more damage to a patient. Removing a bandage can cause interference with wound hence compromise on the healing process. The edge of the scissors is curved for ease in removal of bandages safely from a wound. One end of the scissor is blunted and the other is rounded; the two complement each other in functions in cutting and sewing wounds. Bandage scissors are irreplaceable in patient car, especially in wound treatment.


The stainless steel blades allow easy cleaning either with sanitizers or sterilization. Depending on the nature of procedure, the scissors can be reused. The main aim of this unique design is bandage removal without hurting a patient. The scissors are relatively small size to fit in tool kits and pockets of caregivers. The scissors are also light for portability considering their universal functions. Typically, the bandage scissors are fitted in first aid bags and pouches.


The stainless steel is autoclavable for steaming purposes as a mode of cleaning. The scissors are 14 centimeters in length. The scissors are hospital grade quality.