PARAMOUNT Disposable Biopsy Punches

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Disposable biopsy punches are seamless, steel sharp cutting blades used for extractions. They are designed for accurate excisions for successful elimination of torn biopsies. They come in various sizes to meet the needs of most procedures. The sizes are marked on each of the instrument for easy identification.


The model comes with different sizes marked on each punch. The sizes help to provide exact excision for various needs of the surgeon depending on the area of operation. The design has markings on each blade to make them easily identifiable. They are made of stainless steel for safety against possible infections arising from reactive metals.


They have ribbed handles to provide superior control and firm grip for efficient use. The handles are also tubular for ease of specimen removal. It is therefore highly recommended for DNA sampling and a reliable tool for forensic experts. It is a common tool in sampling application-laboratories.

To maintain high standards of hygiene, the instruments are thoroughly sterilized and disposable. They are 10 in a punch hence can be used at any time and regularly maintained.

The biopsy punches are built for quick efficient and safe operations. They also come with a protective cap for increased safety of the user.