PARAMOUNT Disposable Sterile Scalpels

Australia Wide Delivery

The disposable sterile scalpel is made of a pre-assembled stainless steel surgical blade. The blade is attached onto an ABS plastic handle. To protect the blade and keep it safe, LDPE is used. This model comes traditionally packed as individual scalpels in a peel-open paper. Ten scalpels are packed in a poly pouch and into a box.

Packing separately helps to keep high standards of hygiene and eliminate the risk of contamination. The blades enhance and support safe passing standards and regulations expected in theatres and operating rooms.


The scalpel has fluted finger grips attached to a safety ABS plastic and LDPE for sterility. They blade is made of stainless steel to avoid rusting and other complications that come with metals, which may cause infections.

The design is easy to handle and use making it possible to eliminate the chances of potential injury incidences. There is a high chance of potential accidents during the process of removal of the blades from the re-usable handles.


The disposable sterile scalpels are designed to reduce chances of occupational infections arising from cross infections. These infections may be life-threatening considering the nature of surgical procedures. Some of the most dangerous infections surgeons are exposed to in the theatre include; Hepatitis B, C, HIV/AIDS among others.