LR Instruments Dressing Forceps Tweezers – Curved

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Wound dressing is an everyday procedure in the medical industry. Accuracy is key in such procedures; any error when cleaning or stitching a wound can cause significant damage and serious health condition. It is vital to consult a professional and reputable medical practitioner or caregiver to ensure your wound is handled properly. Most importantly, the tools used in dressing a wound determine the healing process. Some people develop infections and worsening of wounds after dressing because of improper handling of the area around the wound. Proper dressing tools ensure proper care hence quick and safe recovery. Dressing Forceps Tweezers – Curved ensure bandages and any tissues around the wound are removed safely.


The tweezers are split into two for effective handling of tissues and bandage during dressing. The tips are sharp and curved to ensure precision when handling a wound. One of the tweezers is designed with strips to improve grip.  The handle is soft; it also offers strong grip hence full control in wound management.


Dressing Forceps Tweezers – Curved are 12.5 cm long. The length makes it easy to handle wounds. The blades are stainless steel hence durable and easy to clean.