Forceps Crile Curved

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Forceps Crile Curved is ideal for any form of manipulation or precision gripping. It is used both in personal and health care. Unlike other forceps, the Crile curved forceps model are specialized in hemostatic functions. Although the forceps are commonly used in surgical rooms, they are also common treatment rooms and regular medical centers. Most procedures involving body organs require use of Forceps Crile Curved; some of the common processes include cauterization, ligation, and laparoscopic procedures. Forceps are also used during first aid as well as in non-healthcare needs to offer precision. Effective gripping and removal of body tissues and clearing wound surrounding is dependent on these forceps.


The stainless steel construction ensures the forceps last for a long time hence saving on convenience and costs of replacing medical tools after daily procedures. The steel is easy to clean; sterilization methods including hot water and use of sanitizer applies on this material. The curved tips on the forceps enhance its precision in handling dead tissue and specific elements around a wound.


A locking clamp increases flexibility in compression levels. Finger rings handle enhances control. Forceps Crile Curved is 14 cm in length and an extra 3 cm on the curved end.