Iris Scissors - Straight

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Iris Scissors - Straight are designed for precision. The small and sharp tips on both ends allow easy and quick cutting. The tools are ideal for emergency medical procedures because of their sharpness and pointed design. The stainless steel material allows easy cleaning. The blades are also sturdy for cutting through hard surfaces. The soft lining on the handles ensure comfort on the user. Unlike most of other scissors in the medical field, Iris Scissors -  Straight are exemplarily straight. The primary aim of this scissor is ophthalmic surgery; however, the fine design and precision has increased their functionality to various clinical procedures.


The small design makes it ideal for precision cutting. Treatment and surgery procedures require accuracy, which the scissors guarantee. The fine, small, and sharp ends also make the scissors useful in dental surgery; dentists use Iris scissors for finishing sutures. The unique design accounts for its popularity in various medical fields. Veterinaries also use the scissors for closing wounds.

The scissors are also used in jeweler and other aspects in the cosmetic industry with respect to close thread trimming.


The stainless steel blades are sharp on the tips. The blades are easily disinfected for long-term use. Iris scissors are a necessity in a first aid kit.