LR Instruments Dressing Forceps Tweezers – Pointed

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Pointed tweezers are effective in picking specific and minute elements on a wound. Unlike blunt forceps, which are friendly and can be used for rubbing on a wound, the function of Pointed Dressing Forceps Tweezers – is specific. Dressing is about cleaning and improving health around a wound; the major part of this involves removal of risky elements. Forceps are common in treatment rooms, surgical rooms, as well as in laboratories. Experiments and all forms of scientific tests rely on this tool to examine specific elements, for instance, hair.

Picking and dropping is efficient and effective with pointed dressing Forceps Tweezers –.


Pointed forceps are sleek and light. The tools can be carried anywhere because they easily fit in pouches and medical bags. The straight and pointed design makes it universal. Pointed forceps tweezers won’t miss in a caregiver’s kit. Medical experts in ambulance care and ER are always with this medical tool because of its universal function. The manufacturer provides a casing for storage as a safety measure because of the pointed tips.


The handles are soft for user comfort. The length between shank and tips is relatively long to allow flexibility and precision when picking deep tissues.