Mayo Scissors – Straight

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Mayo scissors are also referred to as suture scissors because they are primarily designed for cutting sutures. The sleek and sharp design focuses on cutting away damaged and dead tissues with precision; this is special equipment in the category because it goes beyond bandages and tissues to focus on dead matter. The process requires accuracy because any mistakes can interfere with proper growth of cells and body tissues. Mayo scissors are predominantly made from stainless for easy cleaning and durability.

The scissors are used in ER and surgical procedures to cut away dead and damaged tissue around the wound.


The stainless steel accounts for its sharpness and tough function. The scissors can cut through hard tissues with ease. Dissecting is also a specialization area for this scissors. Besides, it is considered the best for precision cuts in surgery because of its sharp and straight design. Sutures and unnecessary tissues around a wound are effectively removed with this type of scissors.

The polished finish distinguishes Mayo scissors from others in the surgical tools category.


The scissors are straight, which can easily cut through deep tissues. The scissors double as a blunt tool for dissecting. The sharp stainless blades account for the precise cuts.