Metzenbaum Scissors Straight

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Metzenbaum Scissors Straight is a high quality medical quality grade scissors for surgery. The stainless steel blades attribute to their effectiveness and efficiency. The size and design also make it popular in the medical field. Healthcare providers in laboratories, treatment rooms, and surgical rooms prefer this pair of scissor because of its portability. It can easily fit in a medical bag hence convenient. While any scissor can perform cutting, clinical setting requires precision. The Metzenbaum Scissors Straight is suitable for delicate cuts through tissues and sensitive body organs. Also, the scissors are universal; they can perform multiple functions to enhance patient care.


The design makes it suitable for delicate cutting and blunt dissection. Unlike other scissors in a medical setting, the model has a longer shank to blade ration, which enhances operator control. The long blades also decrease working fatigue while operating a patient. The handles are designed to suit both right and left-handed caregivers.

The straight and long design ensures the scissor easily cuts through dense tissue. The length of scissors determines effectiveness and efficiency of a treatment process.


Ring-handle grip enhances user experience. The scissors have smooth, long, and sharp cutting surfaces.  It is easy to use and clean Metzenbaum Scissors.