Needle Holders Collier

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The Collier Needle Holder is a very useful tool for medical professionals. This tool helps the user to grasp and guide a needle when performing sutures. The collier needle holder prevents the needles from rotating or suture slip. The collier needle holders are standard surgical tools that are used by emergency room technicians and other front-line surgical and medical professionals who work mostly with sutures.


The collier needle holders are slim and have an easy design that helps them to reach far into proximal surfaces, these proximal surfaces maybe between teeth or bones. The collier needle holders are compact, which help prevent the needle to rotate or suture slip.


Collier needle holders are used in surgery as well as performing of first aid tasks. The collier needle holders have a controlled grip pressure as well as a smooth grip release. The collier needle holders have serrated, fenestrated jaws working surface style. The handles are easy to grip finger rings with ratchet. These tools have a straight curvature. The collier holders have blunt tip configuration. They are made of stainless steel material. The collier needle holders have an average length of 5inches or about 12.7 cm.