Needle Holders Crilewood

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Crile-wood needle holders are built to guide needles during suturing in surgery. The instruments grasp and drive the needle for perfect precision in a surgical procedure. They are also called needle drivers by doctors and have proved helpful by many surgeons and vets to hold suturing needles. The instruments are therefore useful in closing wounds.


The holders are 15cm long  and designed specifically to hold suturing needles. It is made up of jaws, a joint and handle.

The model has straight dull tips and is designed to lock and open in deep tissue areas. The ratchet can be adjusted to various positions to help control pressure during usage. It is therefore capable for ensuring accurate surgical procedures.

The model is a handy tool to surgeons and veterinary doctors because it helps keep a firm and sharp access.


The instrument has textured and short jaws to maintain a firm grip on the needle during surgery for accuracy and safety.

It features straight dull tips, which open and lock in deep tissue areas of the body for perfect precision.

It is made of stainless steel to ensure durability and resilience to infections. The instrument also has multi-position ratchet allows controlled pressure and smooth release.