Surgical Scissors – Blunt & Blunt

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Scissors are essential tools in the medical industry. Most procedures before treatment or during examination involve cutting. Proper diagnosis, which involves cutting, determines effective prescription and treatment plan. Surgical Scissors – Blunt & Blunt is universal; they can be used in treatment rooms or laboratories. The design and structure makes them popular in the medical industry. The German tooling construction allows a variety of uses to do with medical procedures. The scissors are mainly used in dissecting, operating, stitching, mayo, cutting, and plastic surgery.


The scissors have a sleek design. The two blades are round shaped on the tips for precision. The handles are also fitted with soft cover for easy handling and comfort. While it is mostly used in the surgical field, the scissors are also used in the science field for experiment purposes. Surgical Scissors – Blunt & Blunt is small and compact in design hence highly portable. The pair of scissors can easily fit in pouch or medical bags hence ideal for emergency services.


It is easy to clean the stainless steel. The size also makes it easy to store and carry. The tough stainless steel blades ensure durability and efficiency of the scissors when cutting through hard surfaces.