Surgical Scissors – Blunt & Sharp

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Blunt and sharp scissors are essential in the medical industry. They are perfect for everyday use in laboratories and operation rooms. The sturdy design makes the scissors universal; the surgical scissors are ideal for urgent medical operations that require quick cuts. Tough steel widens their functions; from ambulances, ER, veterinary care, OR, to teaching hospitals. Surgical Scissors – Blunt & Sharp are common in clinical settings because of their versatility; they can cut almost anything.


The sturdy design makes them dependable. The stainless steel material allows easy cleaning and maintenance of the scissors. Medical practitioners in laboratories and other regular cutting find it suitable because of the long lasting edges. The sturdy and stainless steel combination makes it perfect for clinical settings.

Design of the two blades is unique; while they are all straight, one is pointed and the other curved on the tips. The handles have been customized with soft covers on the stainless steel for easy handling. Unlike other scissors, cutting through hard surfaces or material with Surgical Scissors – Blunt & Sharp does not damage a user’s skin.


Fingertip grips guarantee control and precision in delicate surgical procedures. The stainless steel is easy to clean and disinfect.