Surgical Scissors – Sharp & Sharp

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Surgical Scissors - Sharp & Sharp

Cutting is a universal medical procedure; precision is crucial in the process. Surgical Scissors - Sharp & Sharp are designed for efficiency and accuracy in delicate cutting. Whether it is cutting flesh, fabric, or thread, accuracy in the process is vital. This scissors are sharp and tough for efficiency in the surgery room. The scissors are mainly made of stainless steel, which ensure the scissors are rust free and durable. While it is not advisable to reuse surgical equipment, long hour operations require reliable tools like this.


The blades are straight and pointed for accuracy. Stainless steel is not only for durability but also maintaining the sharp edges for precision. The long lasting edges and standard size attributes to their popularity in medical wards, operating rooms, as well as laboratories. Most nurses and surgeons prefer the scissors because of their convenient sizes.

The scissors can be used with both left and right hands. Inside the two handles is soft material covering the steel to prevent friction on fingers while cutting.


The sharpened and pointed cuts aim at precision on delicate cuts. The scissors are available in two popular sizes; 13 cm and 16cm. They both have high quality steel construction.