Treatment Room Scissors Pack

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Treatment Room Scissors Pack

There are two types of scissor packs; regular and compact types. The scissors in each pack vary in size; large, small, and medium. Regular pack has 6 scissors while the compact pack has 5 scissors. They all have a penlight torch. Besides sizes, scissors in packs also vary length; some are short and some are long. Some body organs require precision and specific sizes for effective cutting. For instance, long and large scissors may not penetrate hidden parts of the stomach in a surgical setting. A scissors pack is crucial for convenience with regards to scissor variability in a medical emergency.


The scissors are compacted in a small pack for portability. The scissors pack can easily fit in a medical pouch for emergency caregivers. All the scissors in this pack are stainless steel and sharp pointed to achieve different functions. The high quality steel in all of the scissors guarantees precision and effectiveness of the treatment procedure. The two blade ranges are ideal for various procedures in a treatment room.


Stainless steel on each of the blades help in keeping the scissors clean with sterilization. A penlight torch offers extra illumination for precision purposes.