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Universal Scissors

Universal scissors are a fundamental in the medical industry. Cutting is an everyday procedure in a clinical setting, whether patient care is at home or in a hospital. The scissors are basic tools in any medical procedures; they are used in laboratories, operation rooms, as well as examination rooms. Universal scissors are constructed with stainless steel double blades with autoclavable plastic handles. The handles allow easy handling and efficiency. In cases where cutting requires extra effort, this type of scissors is essential. The scissors are designed for precise cutting without interfering with a patient’s skin or wound.


Universal scissors are also known as angled scissors because of their blunt end on one blade. The pointed sharp blade pierces through skin and fabric as the other blade holds. The bottom blade is longer, it easily goes under a bandage for easy removal. The top blade comes in handy where cutting is necessary. The scissors are popular in the medical industry because of their efficiency in bandage removal. The plastic cover on the handles makes it tough and effective.


Tough plastic grips guarantee comfort of a user. The long and blunt bottom blade ensures easy and quick bandage removal. Emergency caregivers keep several pairs in their pouches because of their universality.