Walking Stick

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Walking sticks are essential for people with extreme weight and nerve disabilities. Falls are common for senior citizens because of weak joints and poor health on the overall. Some patients also get dizzy because of drugs and mental conditions. Walking sticks are designed to aid these people in establishing a balance and maintaining a center of gravity. It is a preventive tool as well as curative; it helps in slow recovery.

Walking sticks are also essential after an accident or major surgery where a person requires extra support to stabilize. Walking sticks are in a variety of sizes and length to match different health needs.


The walking stick has a sturdy handle on the top for a reliable grip. The bottom is fitted with rubber material for safety on slippery floor. The rubber also reduces friction when the patient is walking on rough surfaces. The rubber tip is wide to increase stability and reliability of the walking stick. The overall design is customized for comfort and stability.


Walking stick is available in multiple colors to fit different user needs. also, the length is adjustable for universal use. People of different heights can adjust and use the walking stick to their suitability.