Walking Zimmer Frame

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Walking zimmer frame

The walking zimmer frame is a lightweight aluminum walking frame able to support weakly individuals who need to walk. This frame easily folds and set up without the need for tools. It helps them to be independent and walk on their own as they strive to learn to adapt.


The frame comes in stylish grey color and non-slip handles to help the user keep a firm grip. The material is also gentle on sensitive skins.

The entire frame is lightweight to allow easy portability and mobility for the patient with limited strength. The material is tubular to reduce the weight but maintain stability. Aluminum makes the main part of the frame and is study in construction.

The design is ergonomically certified for weakly human support as it acts as the extra arm. It has the ability to enable an immobile patient to learn to walk and recover quickly from their injuries.


The material is non-stick to keep it clean and non-slip to allow a firm grip. The color easily blends with the surroundings to minimize conspicuousness.

The design has a wide base to keep a steady and stable feel, which gives confidence to the user.