Arm Cast Watertight Protector

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The watertight arm casts are best for use by patients who aim to secure the cast area when bathing. It has a non-latex texture to prevent weathering and damage. The arm cast watertight protector is also simply made, to allow the user to wear with one hand and also remove it easily. It has seals that are circular to guarantee waterproof protection. There are many sizes of the arm cast watertight protector for various uses.


In life, it is common for you or your loved one to suffer an injury. In some instances, when it is a serious injury, there is need to use either protective wear or casts, to help the broken bones to recover.

When showering or using water in daily activities, it is a challenge to keep cast unspoiled. This issue can be solved by use of watertight protectors that protect the cast while bathing. Particular arm tight protectors are usually sealed to keep them water proof. They are also easy to wear and remove. Arm cast watertight protectors last for a long time.


Arm cast watertight protectors come in many sizes to accommodate more wearers. They are made of high quality material that is durable. They are also watertight and have ultrasonic caulking to enhance protection.

Most importantly, the protectors are easy to store and to wear as well as remove.

Patients may avoid spoiling their casts, especially by not exposing them to a lot of water. This will help them avoid going for recasts which can be expensive at times.