BetterLiving Bed Rail Protectors

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You can use surge protectors for patients with bed confusion. They stay in bars.

Patients may be at risk of resting in bed, or may slide on bed rails, hands, feet or foam that provide some protection when shooting.

If the patient's arm or leg passes the rail, bend the top of the protector. This is a security function of a task.

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To make this product, we use a foam cover. The material next to Keshia is soft medical vinyl material. The staff can clean for cleaning. This is an outdoor cotton material. The pressure of the material varies according to availability. We try to keep the seal as natural as possible.

Mediolateral is a hospital quality substance. Urine, stools, vomiting, blood, etc. It is used to protect against materials. Usually, it is enough to clean one. The exterior is made of strong polycationic material and has two hooks and rings to join the bed.

The ultra-smooth travel protector is designed to better protect patients from injuries or build-up on metal bars. Made of soft pillows made of medical grade polyurethane foam, covered with a flexible double-sided polyurethane sheath, with easy Velcro insert for safe installation.

It is specially designed for use on foldable and fixed bed rails, provides easy access to the rail mechanism and is easy to clean.

The bed is available in two different sizes, standard and large, for most bars.