MediSkin+ Bone Shaped Pillow

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Change the round towels and large pillows in a reasonable and dignified manner. shoe bones. The MediSkin + version is covered with MediSkin + liquid for medical use.


Cover the memory foam with MediSkin polish + light touch with the original softness, are covered with a soft touch on the skin, there is a feeling of adhesion even with the bracelet.

MediSkin + can be removed from a conventional diluted detergent and dried dry for immediate reuse and cleaning.

The water-resistant bone pillow also features a washable, washable and soft cover that can be worn on top when needed.

They are designed to provide perfect comfort and are not accommodated as large pillows or round towels, but in a comfortable space.

Excellent size, shape and smoothness between the body and the contraction bone and between the narrow body parts.

The liquid, which can be cleaned regularly with a diluted sterilizer, has a solid surface.

It is made of high quality medical memory foam and comes with a soft and washable woven cover.

Dimensions 30 cm x 18 cm x 10 cm.

Available in waterproof MediSkin Plus fabric!

Bone Pad Comes Mediskin + & Knitted Set with MediSkin + waterproof fabric, lid and soft cover with lid!

Our orthopaedic pillow is ideal for people with painful contractions due to diseases such as paralysis, disability and frailty. Usually, we use a traditional pillow, either too large on the street, or sacrificed or simply uncomfortable.

This small pillow is an important aid for people who are less able to move with frailty, disability, illness or healing. The pillow is made of solid but soft memory foam that reacts quickly and provides comfort and comfort.