MediSkin+ Knee & Leg Pillow

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The Mediskin + knee and leg support cushion is intended for the care of patients in medical facilities that require a high level of service. It is ideal for a variety of medical conditions, such as intensive care assistance due to frailty, illness, rehabilitation and recovery of patients of all ages.

When placed between the knees, the cushion provides support, separates the bony areas, prevents pressure ulcers and allows proper alignment of the thigh, leg, spine and pelvis at the same time.

This knee and leg support consist of a MediSkin + copper crust that can be removed with a healthy moisturizer. This product is necessary, even when the skin is soft, without feeling firm in the presence of moisture and the loss of incontinence and other bodily fluids.


The foot pad is suitable for patients with incontinence and other bodily fluids.

Softness and excellent support for patients with high pressure ulcers, which occur when the patient's still period is at risk.

Fragility, rehabilitation and healing preoperatively and postoperatively help to eliminate arthritis and stiffness.

Healthy hygienic category for reuse hygiene Made with viscoelastic foam and MediSkin + antimicrobial fabrics.

Case for feet: 25 cm x 20 cm x 16 cm


Sciatic Storage: The knee pads are conveniently placed between the knees to provide maximum support and comfort, which helps reduce pain and pressure on sciatica.

High Density Premium Foam: Made with high quality foam and 100% durability, it provides lasting comfort for several hours.

Ergonomic design: the comfortable design of the compass provides optimal appearance for the legs, hips and spine and increases blood circulation during sleep.

Cleaning: A synthetic cover with a removable compartment ensures that the pad is not heated or washed in the machine for easy cleaning.