Etac Clean Mobile Shower Commode Chair

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The portable shower chair offers maximum comfort and safety. Easy manoeuvres with the functional design of the pusher. Place the vertical handle to sit properly on the toilet wall. Four wheels guarantee safety.

The fully open seat on the back has a front entrance for an intimate access to cleanliness. It has long rotating armrests and a curved footrest with a closed heel.

Green and White Lagoon: 2 walks and 2 new colour options.

Basic functions

The front seat is completely open from the rear

Long, removable and balancing legs

The curved leg plate with protection in the heel. Move under the seat

Full adjustment of the height and inclination of the panel

4 lockable wheels

Available in 49 cm and 55 cm lengths

Wide range of accessories

Etac Clean shower chairs are easy to manoeuvre to design functional sliders, perfect for any wall-mounted toilet.


It improves access to the chest to chairs and intimate hygiene. A drawer cabinet can be carefully slid under the seat if you do not need a leg rest. The shower chair has a footrest, a soft curved surface provides comfort and balance of the legs, the heel protected from the closed sides. Shower chair easy to manoeuvre, professional design for courage, ideal for any toilet mounted on the wall.

Improved access: in front of the seat there is a fully open lounge from the back.

Absolutely suitable: the vertical position of the suit supplier ensures that the Etac Clean wall toilet is ideal.


The footrest is comfortable and practical. The soft and curved surface provides the comfort and stability of the feet.