M2 El-Tip with Joystick Shower Commode Chair

M2 El-Tip with Joystick Shower Commode Chair

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Tilt the M2 in the room, stainless steel, water resistant casing (IP65 degrees). It is designed to increase independence and self-confidence to use the bathroom and shower without a tutor or with minimal assistance. There is a control lever to control the forward, backward and spatial function. The lift has height adjustable legs, armrests and a removable seat.

The chair is equipped with a joystick to adjust the inclination and the walk. The independence was independent, without the support of the tutor for use in the bathroom and shower.

Alternatively, the tutor can continue working with the joystick without pressing it when necessary.


FLEX: you need it. The electric adjustment of its height does not depend on the function of the party. This ensures the correct working mode and improves the working environment of the assistant.

Height: The height of the horizontal seat can be adjusted from 50 to 95 cm with a low entry height of 47 cm.

Tension: The seat angle can be changed 5 degrees forward and 35 degrees with easy manual control.

A direction of the route: by default, one of the wheels is oriented to the wheels. (Dark Gray Brake) improves maneuverability and protects the tutor's work environment.


* Stainless steel powder

* The design of the chest is simple and is designed to facilitate access and cleaning

* Degree of protection IP65 (protected against jets of water at low pressure in each direction). This means that the chair is resistant to dust and splashes and can easily withstand the bath.


* Soft PU foam, open front

* Adjustable height

* Removable (open and close)

* Built-in bucket/tub bucket

Stand for the dining room

* Cover with closed flint (optional)


Support for

* 24 43.5 inches

* Depth of installation up to 10 cm

* Pure fabric with fabric and 2 buckles for depth adjustment