Unisex Hip Protectors with Removable Pads

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We could not tell what will happen next. You could be in good shape now but all of the sudden, you got an injury. It is important to use protectors to avoid this kind of unfortunate events. This Hip Protector with Removable Pads could give you safety at the same time comfy feeling. It is not an ordinary pad, but it is tested and certified by a professional engineering forensics that this could protect your hip and tailbone.  It is also made from breathable cotton and Spandex blend without latex which could give you soft feeling. This could still be used even when asleep, and still experience the at ease feeling.

What’s More?

This product is waterproof with memory foam. It is also a low profile hip pads for you to have a comfy feeling because they did not loosen in the wearer’s skin. This feature could also prevent your skin from sore because of pressure. This could also washable in the machine. It has different sizes. They have extra small which is for hips measuring 77cm-84cm. it also has small for hips measuring 87cm-95cm. if your hips measures 97cm-105cm, you should wear medium. There is extra-large for 115cm-122cm hips and XX-Large for hips measuring 122cm-133cm. It has dimension of 10x10x10 and weighs 0.6 kg.