Unisex Hip Protectors

Australia Wide Delivery

Protectors are needed wherever you go, and whatever time of the day, everybody has the responsibility in protecting oneself. This Hip Protectors Day and Night is the best quality to provide you this kid of need. It can lessen the impact force of an accident. This is unisex, so anybody can wear it whatever they are.

Why is it best?

This protector is tested independently and demonstrates effectiveness among all leading hip protector brands. A forensic engineering firm which is based in El Segundo, CA known as Collision and Injury Dynamics Inc. (CID) has tested this biomedically. Its fabric which is made from 94% cotton and 6% Spandex is latex-free that is why it is soft and breathable. This is also can be used while at sleep and could still feel smooth and comfort. You can also remove the tailbone protector but this is optional. It has soft sealed high impacts cushioning pads which add more comfy feeling while using it day and night.

This available and ready to pack products comes with different sizes. It has Extra Small with the hips size of 77cm-84cm. Also available in small size hips with 87cm-95cm, medium sizes hips ranging from 97cm-105cm. For bigger people, here is large size measured 107cm-112cm and extra-large hips which has 115cm-122cm.