Air Mattress #9 by Premium

Australia Wide Delivery

The Air Mattress #9 by Premium provides maximum comfort to a patient by offering a surface that allows healing of pressure wounds and prevents the formation of the same.


The 1 in 3 cell cycle mattress minimizes the patient’s risk of pain of movement by providing support to the patient. At the head of the patient, the cells are made to be static in order to provide maximum rest with permanent cushions at its side to further increase the steadiness and secureness of the patient.

Air Mattress #9 by Premium has a unit for digital control that offers settings for optimization of maximum relief and comfort for the patient such as an alarm and a timer. Also, it has a base with a movable joint that allows for continuous pressure relief for a seated patient.


Has a watertight fabric that reduces friction and wearing out but allows for passage of vapor. Heel zone on the mattress allows for proper checkup of lower leg areas. Also, this mattress has been designed to support patients weighing up to 180kg.

The #9 Air Mattress is recommended for patients with a high risk of contaminating infections from pressure wounds or treatment.