SenTech Air Mattress Stage IV 2000

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Using the air loss technology, this wonderful Air Mattress IV 2000 is designed. It is interchange feature to afford effortless foundation for the recovering patient. The true low air has benefits which can be seen in the effective pressure redistribution within the product. The patient can enjoy this soft feeling cushion effortlessly. This is not just recommended but it is a must have for the clinicians working with pressure area care and wound management patients.

Why Choose Air Mattress IV 2000?

In addition, the Air Mattress IV 2000 is a remarkable product used widely in the field of wound care management. Its supporting features are proof that this product is serious in providing convenience to the patient. By the process of deflation, it has alternating pressure which adds more comfort. It has also true low air loss minimizing moisture and heat, shear relief for minimal friction and air floatation. These features are heartily made to give relief to the patient. The wound healing therapy is now possible with quality, effectiveness and assurance in mind.

With these special features, it is undoubted that Air Mattress IV 2000 is the leading tool in clinical world and medical field. By the visual monitoring therapy, patient care is easily maintained which could also let the clinical assistants monitor technological feedback. There is also a built-in memory which is customized to store information and adjust the mattress continually to its programmed schedule.