Premium 10 Alternating Pressure Air Mattress

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There are many kinds of mattresses. That is why, as a user, you have to think carefully before deciding which is to purchase. This Air Mattress #10 can give what the best mattress has to offer. This is well-crafted for the consumer market. It is selected by most consumers because it is easy to use and its versatility in the pressure area care. It can be used whenever you want and wherever you want but particularly in a clinical environment.

Who can use this?

Though specifically manufactured for medical environments, the Air Mattress #10 can be used by the elderly, adults and even children. It has an in-built pump for a not difficult inflation and deflation. Its special features have brought this Air Mattress #10 to the limelight. It has cushioned support. Its surface is waterproof to avoid slippage. It also has in-built pump and durable fabric which can’t easily be torn. These features are another proof that this mattress is manufactured with quality. Please note that it is a requirement to have a power source to enable the function of inflation and deflation. Another good thing about this is it can carry as much as 250kg.