Premium 5 Alternating Pressure Air Mattress Overlay System

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It is most useful in hospitals especially in rooms having a patient who is at risk. This can also be used at home with the same kind of patient – at risk. It has alternating pressure mattress overlay system, the kind of system used for prevention of pressure wounds. This makes it as the best choice in order to avoid pressure wounds but of course with the use of comprehensive prevention strategy.

Some of its Specific features

This Air Mattress #5 by Premium has a digital control unit which can be adjusted in eight different pressure settings to give the patient the best comfort experience and without worrying of pressure wounds. It has 12 minute 1in 2 alteration cycle which inhibit pressure build-up especially for those patients with restricted mobility. Also, this can give the patients long undisturbed sleep pattern because of the static cells located at the head level. Moreover, infection is controlled in a maximum state because it has antibacterial taping and with waterproof top cover which has a full length waterfall skirt. To decrease friction and decrease trim, the vapour permeable multi-stretch fabric is included. This is adaptable for patients with a maximum weight of 150kg.