Hospital Mattress

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Perfect for patients with restricted mobility, the Double Layer foam pressure mattress is a first class solution for various uses in any environment. The mattress works same with the memory foam beds which maybe you are acquainted with. The Double Layer Hospital Mattress is reliable to give better sleep and to keep the family safe and comfortable.

Its Specification

This is a high class double layer mattress which is perfect for patients with limited mobility. This can also give a fantastically comfy sleeping surface. Another thing this could remarkably offer is that it is a high-density temperature sensitive. This could make the user feel of warmth like someone is hugging which contours to their body figure. The vigorous, thick core of the mattress helps provide maximum support to soothe pressure points. This could give a perfect relief to the patient. Its surface is made from vapour permeable, bacteriostatically treated material which ensures that this is germ-free. It is also water resistant and fire retardant. Again this shows again how safety this Double Layer Hospital Mattress is. There is also four way stretch cover material which could avoid friction and slippage. It has also a feature of infection control through welded and taped seams.