Novis AreaCare Hospital Mattress Extension

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There are times when we look for things that provide us convenient living. It is a human nature that we search for what is better. It is a human nature to seek for satisfaction. With your everyday life, you experience a very tiring day. You like to rest your feet and body in the most comfy bed but your bed disappoints you because it lacks of comfy feeling. What you need is this Hospital Mattress Extension. Though it is ideal for hospital setting but it is also can be used at home.

Things to consider

This mattress extension is best for people who are at-risk of pressure sores and ulcers, particularly in high-risk heel zone. It is two layer extension, to provide the user best comfy experience with the measurement of 200mm. This Hospital Mattress Extension gives relief to the ankle and feet most especially for the people who are mobility-impaired and high-risk patients like those who have diabetes. Its surface is made of density memory foam with a medium density base. Like most mattresses, it is also fire retardant and waterproof, a good feature which promotes safety. It is also safe from infection through the welded and taped seams.