Novis AreaCare Single Layer Hospital Mattress

Australia Wide Delivery

Are you looking for the best solution in your bed problems? Well, here’s Single Layer Hospital Mattress. You can have this for a regular care in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or even at home. Mattresses are completely important because it is one of the considerations not just of the patient but also of the family of the patient. This could help in giving remarkable experience while they are staying in the hospital or any nursing homes and even at homes.

Look for Other Quality Features

One of the features of this Single Layer Hospital Mattress is the foam which automatically hugs the user’s body contours. This feature could make the patient sleep peacefully as it can let them move easily. Also, this is to provide maximum protection against sores, pressure rashes, and similar sensitive skin condition. This is good because it could give perfect rest for the patients. Isn’t it right that the patients are suffering from pain and then added by an uncomfortable mattress?  It has an economical surface which involves low risk pressure surface and filled with medium density foam. Like any other mattresses, it is also fire retardant and water resistant. Another good feature is the infection control because of welded and taped seams.